Monday, May 16, 2011

Super Simple Four Loop Hair Bow

This bow looks way more complicated than it actually is.

My daughter Zara loves hair bows like I love earrings. She's so my girl. She's very particular about what she likes in a hair bow. It needs to be smallish and cute but not too cutesy and absolutely nothing big and garish. It's always worn on the right side. Only one at a time. Any deviations are not tolerated. She's three and the girl knows what she likes. She needed a navy blue hair clip, so I whipped this little one up. It's Super Simple, like most of the hair clips I make for her.


The ingredients.

Use a dot of glue to secure the ends of the 4" ribbons into loops.

Make loops.

Use another dot of glue to glue the center of one loop together, making a sort of sideways figure eight.

Make a figure eight.

Slip the squashed loop into a loop diagonally and secure with glue. Glue the top of loop down in the center.

Layer the loops.

Add the third loop.

The three loops glued together.

Wrap the small section of ribbon around the center and attach it to the back with yet more glue. Glue the finished bow onto the covered hair clip base.

Add the center and glue the bow to the base.


Lotsa loops.

Zara loved it! Yay!

The smile on her face says it all. Thank goodness!


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