Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Fruit (and Herbs) of My Labor

Painted pots courtesy of Zara.

 Last weekend was amazing. The weather was perfect for a trip to a greenhouse and the farmer's market. We picked up several herbs, strawberry plants, tomato plants, and some squash plants. I missed having fresh herbs over the winter, so I'm so excited.

We also bought some flowers to give my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day. I handed over two pots and some paint to Zara and told her to have fun. It looks like she did.

 Ignore the steps that are badly in need of repainting.

Herbs! Yay! And my amaryllis is coming back up. (I really thought it was dead.)

My strawberry plants. I spray painted the cheap-o plastic pot.

Strawberry blossoms make me smile.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love spring?


  1. I've never grown fruits or vegetables or herbs. It's so hard to keep things alive here during the summer and the summers last most of the year. I'm a tad jealous!

  2. I just found you and I'm so glad I did.I'm a newbie and a new follower of your blog.I never thought of painting those strawberry pots,, what a great improvement,


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