Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Easy T-Shirt Makeovers

An easy t-shirt re-do.

It's that time again. Iron Craft's challenge was called To A Tee. The assignment was to transform an ordinary t-shirt. I had two shirts that were in the same color family. I used the overly large, bleach and hair dye spotted one to make the petals. Lots of petals. I just really loved the color and thought I could use it for something sometime. Turns out I was right. Yay!

I cut out a pile of petals while sitting in bed watching TV. It's really not something that needs a lot of mental attention. The petals, not the TV. Okay, maybe the TV too. I just cut out random shapes that were rounded at one edge and flat on the opposite side. I doubled up the fabric to make things go a bit faster.

Pile o'Petals

  • T-Shirt (plus extra fabric for the petals)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric hot glue sticks
  • Scisssors
  • Board (to keep the glue from seeping in and gluing both sides of the shirt together)

The ingredients.

So, I just discovered Fabric Stik. It's a fabric hot glue stick. Seriously. If I were a religious person, I'd say that the heavens opened up and a million angels were singing the Halleluiah Chorus when I found them at Hobby Lobby. But I'm not. But I was thrilled. I believe I've mentioned a time or two that I really hate to sew. If you don't mind sewing, by all means have fun with that.

I glued the petals down, overlapping them. I started at the top of the shoulder and worked my way down, tucking them under the previous petals.

Glue the petals down, overlapping them.

Finished! And, sorry for the chest shot. I really, really didn't want to do my hair and makeup today.

The finished shirt. On me. I promise.

And here's the second shirt. I gave this one a makeover way before I had a blog, so I don't have a "before" picture. Sorry. Just imagine a traditional men's t-shirt with a round collar and short sleeves. Well, on me the sleeves came down to my elbows and the shoulder came all the way down to where a cap sleeve would end. Not cute.

Holden Beach, NC - The happiest place on Earth.

I cut off the collar and made a v-neck. I didn't hem the shirt at all. I just tugged on it a bit to get it to roll. I then cut off the sleeves and ruched the shoulders. That part I did sew. And only stabbed myself with the needle twice.

Shoulder ruching.

I think that the shirt is so much better than it was before. It's definitely more flattering and more wearable. Double yay!


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