Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My first ripe strawberry of the year! Yay! I wonder what it tasted like.

My husband, Seán, came in the house the other day with a surprise. He asked me if I knew that there was a ripe strawberry on my plant. Of course, I grabbed my camera and my daughter, Zara, and headed out to check!

I was so excited! This is the first year I've grown strawberries. I happen to know a little girl who loves strawberries maybe even more than her mom, so guess who got to eat the first one...

I was told that it was a "yummy strawberry!"

It would seem that Zara wasn't the only one to benefit from the strawberry plants. Someone's been nibbling on this one.

Someone took a bite of my strawberry.

It would appear that they didn't like it very much because I found a large piece of it laying close by.

Such a waste!

I think (hope) it was a bird who had a free lunch. And I really hope that it's decided that it doesn't want any more and has told all of its bird buddies that strawberries are gross because I'd like to get to try one for myself someday. That is, if Zara doesn't get there before me.


  1. I love them too! My Papaw Ellis had a huge strawberry patch that I loved to 'visit' ... he actually accused me of having more in my belly than in my basket ... imagine that! ;) Praying you & Miss Zara are blessed abundantly with strawberries galore & that the 'suspect' stays far away from your bounty! Enjoy girls!

  2. Stawberry picking brings me back to my grandparents farm. We used to have to lay netting over them to keep the birds out. Bet the next one is yummy!

  3. So cute! I am still waiting for mine to turn red!! My boys and I are stalking them but I think we have about 3 weeks to go.


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