Friday, May 6, 2011

Trudy's Scones

Tea and scones - so civilized. Photo by me.

If you are ever privileged enough to receive an invitation to dinner at Trudy Robinson's house, by all means go! She's an amazing cook. So amazing, in fact, that she has a weekly cooking column in The Lincoln Journal called Cooking: Plain & Fancy. In this week's column she has a recipe for English Scones, among other things. Of course, we had to try it. Turns out, this recipe is so easy and sooooooo yummy!

Zara mixing the dry ingredients. The hairy arm belongs to Seán, not Zara. Photo by Seán.

The scones before the egg wash. Zara got a bit excited over all the triangles. Photo by Seán.

Fresh out of the oven. Photo by Seán.

A before bedtime snack. Photo by Seán.

Okay, now I'm going to go grab one with some butter and honey. Envy me! Better yet, go make some English Scones of your own.


  1. I've never made scones but they do look yummy! Nice pic of the scones on the blue plate. I can't take food photos, They all look the same, out of focus and brown.

  2. Those scones look delish!!Mine never turnout that good sadly,,so funny you telling us the hairy arm bit,,very pretty little girl,,, have a good day,,


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