Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Super Simple Easter Decor (Peeps!)

Peeps = Instant Cute

This week's Iron Craft challenge posed an interesting question. Bunny or Chick?  Peeps, that is. The challenge was to make something, anything, out of Peeps. I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do. I had two candle jars, one small and the other large, with just enough space in between the two for guessed it...Peeps! So I made a candle holder/vase. Seems obvious to me. Oh, and I chose bunnies.

  • Candle jars - 1 large, 1 small to nest inside the large one with enough space in between
  • Peeps
  • Jellybeans
  • Ribbon
  • Glue dot or double stick tape

The ingredients.

I put the small jar inside the large one. My jars had enough space for four bunny Peeps with room left over for jellybeans. I started by placing the bunnies  opposite each other and evenly spaced. I had to use a craft stick at one point to get everything in the right spot. I went with a pink and green color scheme, but Peeps come in so many colors. I really had a hard time choosing.

Add Peeps.

 Add jellybeans a few at a time.

Add jellybeans.

I then attached a piece of ribbon around the mouth of the jar with a couple of glue dots. All finished except for one thing. Is it a vase for flowers...

Add flowers or...

...or is it a candle holder?

...add a tea light.

Either way, it's super cute and Super Simple!

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