Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Post from Memories by Christine Scrapbooking: Dance Bag Non-Tutorial

Hi, all! I'm thrilled to introduce Christine from Memories by Christine Scrapbooking as my very first guest. She'll be teaching us how to make a dance bag. Welcome, Christine!

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Hi everyone!
Thank you, Tabitha, for letting me join you today:) I'm Christine from Memories by Christine scrapbooking. I adore paper crafting, scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking...basically anything where I can archive my memories, and I love teaching others how to as well! Please visit MBC if you need a layout idea or tutorial.

Today, I'm sharing a "non-tutorial" for a sweet little dance bag I made for my daughter's tap shoes. I am a beginner seamstress (*I don't even think the word "seamstress" applies to me!:), and I made this without a pattern- but it turned out super cute, and most importantly, my 4-year-old loves it, and thinks I'm the coolest mom because of it;)


She picked out her own fabric at the craft store. We used a satin-y brown for the outside, and a pink heart patterned scrap for the inside lining. Exact measurements are non-existent; I placed her tap shoes on top of the fabric, folded the fabric over to ensure the shoes would fit, and cut a square. :)

I sewed the whole purse inside-out so the seams would be invisible. I folded about half an inch of the brown satin over the inner lining, and straight-pinned to hold in place. I sewed a straight line through the top and bottom of the square to connect the fabrics.

3-3-11 059

Still working inside-out, I placed the bag lining side down, and sat the tap shoes on top for measuring. I folded the fabric over the shoes, and added some wiggle room.

I pinned each side, and sewed a line up either side to make the bag.

After turning the bag "right-side out" (so the satiny brown is on the outside, and you can't see the seams from the sewing on the lining), I added ribbon for handles, and reinforced using two stitches across.

We added some pretty iron-on decals, and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this easy, very minimal sewing "non-tutorial". For all of your paper craft and scrapbooking needs, come visit me at MBC. :)


  1. Thank you! It looks great on your blog- the purse even kind of matches your background;)


  2. Fabulous job Christine! I'm a novice sewer too. All that's is important is that your daughter loves it!


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