Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter! - some eggs and a sun catcher garland

Easter eggs are just so much fun! We only did a few, so I had to use a few plastic stand-ins.

This is the first year my daughter Zara has been able to dye Easter eggs and we had a blast doing them. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Zara's first Easter egg.  2. This color is what happens when you dip the egg in every color.  3. I drew a flower with a white crayon.  4. Combination of white crayon scribbles and reinforcement stickers.  5. Pink, yellow, and orange hombre.  6. This one is my favorite one of Zara's.

I like to check out the Dollar Tree for projects to do with Zara on rainy days. I found these sun catchers and she had so much fun painting them. Ignore the mess in the background. She also had a lot of fun playing on the porch today and forgot to clean up. And I forgot to, too. Oops!

Garland courtesy of Zara.

To my readers,
     If you celebrate it, Happy Easter!!! If you don't, have a fabulous weekend!!!
Lots of love,

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