Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shooting Star Necklace

Make a wish!

I've never met Bruno Mars, but I do think his "The Lazy Song" is about me. If you haven't heard it, the chorus is:
Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything
I Just Wanna Lay In My Bed
Don't Feel Like Pickin' Up My Phone
So Leave A Message At The Tone
'Cause Today I Swear I'm Not Doin' Anythin'
Nothin' At All

There are some naughtier bits, but that's the part about me.  I've been the laziest creature for the past week. So that's why I left this week's Iron Craft challenge until yesterday. The challenge was to do something that represents Lucky. I made a Super Simple shooting star necklace.

 According to Squidoo, "a falling star or a "shooting" star as it is sometimes called, grants the person lucky enough to see it, a secret wish." Sounds good to me.

  • Chain
  • Jump rings (4)
  • Toggle clasp
  • Star bead
  • Eye pin
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters

A closeup of the tassel.

First I figured out how long the chain needed to be by draping it around my neck and cutting it. The chain, not my neck. I used jump rings to attach the toggle clasps to the ends.

I then threaded a star shaped bead onto an eye pin and created a second eye. I attached the star to the chain using another jump ring.

To make the tail of the shooting star I cut a few short pieces of chain, threaded them onto the fourth jump ring and attached the tassel to the bottom eye on the star. Done!

 Very easy, and, if I say so myself, pretty cute!


  1. Very pretty! I'm glad you didn't cut your neck. I've never made jewelry but I do have a rather large stash of jewelry making paraphenalia (spelling?) that I got at a garage sale. I might just try something.


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