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Seán, Zara, and I in front of Ross Castle on a trip to Ireland.

Hi, all! Welcome to my little chunk of the blogosphere. My name is Tabitha and I'm an Administrative Assistant for Lincoln Economics Development Authority. I love to bake, paint, and do some paper crafts.

My mother, who is an excellent cook and can sew beautifully, tried her best to teach me everything she knows when I was growing up. Wow, I wish I had paid attention! Now I'm convinced my sewing machine wants to eat my fingers.

I have a fabulous daughter named Zara and a wonderfully supportive husband named Seán. Seán, the smartest man I've ever met and an amazing writer, does some editing on this blog. If you notice a mistake (probably grammatical), it was most likely because I didn't listen to his advice.

My work process is a bit less than ideal. I tend to have several projects going at one time, my desk is always a wreck, and I can be a bit lazy about posting. Ordinarily, I'm very organized, but when it comes to crafting, it's hard for me to get it together. I do make sure I'm having fun the whole time. While crafting I have music turned way up, singing my head off, knocking back can after can of Diet Pepsi, and munching on Turtle Chex Mix. It's my own little party.

I love to read anything I can get my hands on. I love shopping, visiting museums, and trying out new restaurants. I spend way too much time watching tv and reading blogs. I feel the most peaceful in craft stores and book stores. I have two cats and one dog who annoy me constantly, but are too cute to stay mad at for very long.

That's me in a nutshell. If there's anything else you want to know, send me an email at tabbiecat77@gmail.com or leave a comment. Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you visit again soon.


  1. Hi Tabitha, I was a member of WWB with you. I love this site and you are very talented. My mom is from W.VA. from a very small town called Welch. is that close to you?

  2. Aww! Thanks a bunch! I was just thinking about WWB the other day. It was such a great group. Welch is about 2 and a half hours from here. I've been past there, I think. I definitely remember seeing signs, anyway. lol


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