Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carnelian and Wood Necklace

Carnelian and wood necklace. Lovin' it!

Last weekend I met up with my excellent friend Laura who had stopped into a bead store in her hometown just for little ol' me. New jewelry-making supplies make my heart feel super happy. (Can you tell I've been watching too much Nick Jr. lately?) The two carnelian beads were just a tiny portion of fabulousness in the shopping bag. This necklace was pretty easy to make, and, in fact, I whipped it up while chatting with my husband, attending Craftermind's Twitter chat, and watching an episode of The Martha Stewart Show in which I learned that Jimmy Fallon has a new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor that includes potato chips. I'm intrigued. Anyway...what was I talking about? Oh, yeah! Here's how I made my carnelian and wood necklace.

  • Carnelian beads (2)
  • Wood pendant
  • Eye pins (2)
  • Jump rings (6)
  • Chain (approx. 19")
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers


To start off, thread the beads onto the eye pins. Trim the wire, leaving about 1/4" to 1/2" to make the second eye.

Adding eye pins to the beads.

 Loop a two inch segment of chain around the wood pendant and connect it to make a loop. And then do it again with another piece of chain.

Chaining the pendant. (Sounds like a fantasy novel.)

 Use jump rings to connect the beads to the chains on the pendant.

Connecting it all together.

Use jump rings to attach two 7 1/2" segments of chain to the beads. Add the lobster claw clasp with the last two jump rings. 


All done! 

So much prettier once I figured out the settings on my camera. *facepalm*

Thanks to Laura for the cool swag!

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