Wednesday, June 22, 2011

QR Code Coasters

Cute conversational coasters.

Here's a weird fact about me: I love coasters. Seriously. So when Iron Craft's Scan This! challenge was issued, I thought I'd make a set. The challenge was to incorporate a QR code into a craft. I used the QR Stuff generator to make my codes.

  • Restaurant coasters
  • Scrapbook paper
  • QR codes on card stock
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

The ingredients.

First of all, get your codes. You can make your own or grab my QR codes. If you're using mine, print the at 100% on card stock.

Click here to download.
Click here to download.

Cut them out, leaving a bit of the white border on all sides. Trace your restaurant coasters on the back of your scrapbook paper. Cut out the shapes.

Trace the coasters. And, yeah, those are more coasters from the Olive Garden.

The coasters I had have two different images on each side. I chose to show the pretty lemonade side and covered up the chefs. 

Sorry, chefs!

Attach the scrapbook paper and the codes to the coasters with Mod Podge. Make sure all edges are sealed.

Ignore the fact that part of my code cut off from printing. Make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Let it dry well. These were pretty quick and easy to whip up and would be perfect for a party if you just wanted to toss them out afterward.


By the way, in case you couldn't read them, the coasters say:
  • Rings belong on my finger, not on my table.
  • Drink responsibly. Use a coaster.
  • You mess up my table, I mess up your face.
  • Place glass here.


  1. What a cute idea! My daughter would love these!

  2. They'd be a real conversation starter at a party

  3. Too fun! Thanks for the link for the QR codes! Love it. Now where do you get them scanned?

  4. Thanks all! Joni, there's several apps for smart phones. This website lists a lot of them:
    I haven't upgraded my phone yet, but my husband uses QR Scanner:

  5. Hahahahaha~ I love the sayings they link to! Great idea, these would be great to personalize for a themed party or to throw in with a drink related gift!

  6. Tabitha, this is awesome! What an original idea! Love the "app" look;)


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