Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy Earring Holder

A perfect place for beautiful dangly earrings.

I've been seeing tons of DIY earring holders lately, but I decided to do my own twist on the idea. I had everything on hand except the plastic canvas, so this whole project cost me a grand total of 68¢. Yup. You read that right. Sixty. Eight. Cents. Total.

  • Photo frame
  • Plastic canvas
  • Hot glue gun & sticks
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stencil (optional)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Paint brush (optional)
  • Wire (optional)

I'm categorizing this as Super Simple even with the stenciling.  The stenciling is optional, but I think it's a nice touch.

First off, remove the back and glass from your frame. I had a cheap, plastic frame on hand that seriously needed help. More on that later.

Frame + Plastic Canvas = Earring Holder

Use the insert paper from the frame to measure and mark your plastic canvas. Just make a pencil mark at the sides and the corner so you know where to cut.

This is so much easier than measuring.

Next I pulled out my fave stencil. Recognize it? I used it here last October. I used Glidden's Soft Sage paint (also getting a lot of use out of that one) and a sponge pouncer brush. Put a piece of paper or paper towel under your plastic canvas to preserve your work surface. Hold the stencil down firmly and using an up-and-down motion, dab on small amounts of paint. If you use too much, the image will bleed.

This all looks familiar.

Finished with the stenciling. Let it dry. It shouldn't take long.


While that was drying, I worked on the frame. If you have a pretty frame, feel free to skip this part. Mine was...in dire need of paint. I used antique gold acrylic paint and a small bristle brush. I wanted the brush strokes to be very prominent. I did two very light coats.

Poor little plain frame.

After everything dries, it's time to assemble the earring holder. My frame had little metal staples, so after putting the canvas in place I used a screwdriver to bend them down to hold down. I then used a ton of hot glue around the edges. Be generous with the glue.

Tons of glue. Tons.

My cheapie little frame didn't have a hanger. I thought I had one on hand. I didn't. I made two loops of wire and a lot more hot glue. If yours has a hanger, count yourself lucky. 

Not pretty, but effective.

Aaaaaand....you're done. Hang it. Add your earrings. Enjoy.

Pretty even while empty.

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  1. I love this Idea I have been toying with making one myself also. Yours turned out great . I gave you a follow. Have a fabulous night. Anne


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