Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeover Monday: Desk Mess to Fabu-less

Pretty embarrassing to pretty organized.

So...I went through a few weeks of not crafting at all. Any guesses why? My poor craft desk had become a catch-all for every little thing that didn't need to be thrown away, but also didn't have a home.

No more!

The trash heap is banished forever. Or until I get lazy again.

Crafting for me is a form of therapy. If I'm feeling tense or upset, I can crank up my iPod, sing loudly and off-key, and craft my worries away. It's cheaper than a psychiatrist.  So when I'm unable to craft for a few weeks, it's not pretty. Something had to be done with the mess.

My crafting space is a corner of my already tiny kitchen. Space is at a premium. There's only so much I can keep and editing is a must. Seán cleared off a couple of shelves in the laundry room for some of my stuff. I had the hard task of clearing off that desk. Once I got it cleared, I decided it needed to be painted.

Let me say, I love my desk. It's an antique left in the house by the previous owners. It was also so beyond grubby. Cleaning did nothing at all to help the grubbiness. Nothing. It needed paint. Surprisingly enough, it didn't take a lot. I had a tester pot of Glidden's Soft Sage and used less than half of that to do the top, the front of the drawer and the side that's visible. I did the top edging in a white acrylic. It was fast and easy and, yeah, lazy. I didn't even sand it before painting.  Lazy. But pretty.

I moved things around, tossed out some things, and, very importantly, installed a shallow shelf for my bottles of paint. Voila! A mere four hours later, I had something I can work with. And on. I love my new space.

In case you haven't noticed, I labeled this "Makeover Monday". My plan is to do something like this every Monday. It could be an organization project (something desperately needed around here), a re-do of a light treatment (I have something cool planned for this one, actually), or a room makeover (I have a couple of those planned). Stick around. It'll be fun.


  1. Your craft corner looks "mar-va-lous" (& functional)! I look forward to sharing your adventures on Makeover Mondays!

  2. Wow, what a difference! My craft space is buried under a pile of stuff without a home as well. No matter, I just use my ironing board as a work surface. Just...not for actual ironing. *opposite of domestic goddess*

    I love your desk too, but I love that little wooden drawer unit even more. So cute!

  3. wowwww, what a difference!!!
    Nice corner to get crafty!!!


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