Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Wilton Cakes

After much begging and pleading and whining (okay, so I just asked once and they were so sweet to say yes) Mom and the Frugal Homemaker have allowed me to show you their work in the Wilton cake decorating class. Yay!

Here's Mom's work:
Mom's cupcake cake. I love her color scheme.

Mom's final project cake. So pretty!

The top view of Mom's cake. It was truly beautiful.
And here's the Frugal Homemaker's work:
The Frugal Homemaker's cupcake cake. Adorable! She was the only one of us who remembered to bring sprinkles.
The Frugal Homemaker's final cake. I love the Halloween theme.

The spider was so cute he had to have a name. It's Fred, by the way.

They did such a great job I felt their hard work needed to be shown. I'm surrounded by so much talent. Gotta love that!

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