Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn Fairy Costume: Headband

The one thing a fairy princess needs is a fabulous hair accessory. My little princess has a ton of headbands lying around, so it just made sense that one of her many, many purple ones could be used for this little project. I love not having to buy even more stuff for her costume. (Side note: Zara's in her room and is supposed to be napping. I just heard her shout "happy cake" over the baby monitor.)
The princess's finished headband.

The ingredients.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Headband
  • Glue gun with a glue stick
  • Ribbon
  • Floral pick or random faux leaves and other decorations
Sounds easy enough, right? So let's get started.

The first thing you want to do is cut a piece of ribbon long enough to cover the headband and leave enough of a "tail" on both sides so it can be tied into a bow. Zara's hair is very fine and I'm hoping this will help hold the headband on a bit better.

Find the center of the ribbon and of the headband and glue one to the other.
Then, just doing a few inches at a time, glue the rest of the ribbon down.
I added a bead of glue to the inside for extra traction in Zara's hair.
Glue on your decorations, clipping off the stems if needed.
I glued a small strip of ribbon to the bottom of the stems for safety purposes.
The hardest part of this whole project was dealing with the floral stems. If I were to do this over, I would pull apart the floral pick and cut off the stems before trying to do anything else. Also, save yourself a burned finger or two and use a craft stick to help hold things in place while the glue dries. Trust me on that one.

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