Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I know an old lady...

...who swallowed a fly. Ever heard of it? I hadn't. Not until I bought Zara a set of books and that was one of them. I'll give you a minute to familiarize yourself with it:

Macabre, right? Well, it was the Frugal Homemaker's fave when she was five years old. Memorized the whole thing. When she told me that, I had to make something. It's just great timing that Halloween is nearly here.

I sketched out a design, played with it a bit in the Gimp, and printed it out on cardstock. I plan on framing this and hanging it somewhere for the Halloween party, but haven't gotten around to do that yet.'re getting it early! Yay, you!

Click to Download
This is for personal use only. Download it. Print it. Just don't sell it.

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