Thursday, May 26, 2011

GripZies - A Product I Love Right Now

This little product is a time-saver and it really works.

Let me say this first: I'm not being paid for this. I just really love this product and want to spread the word. GripZies is a little foam sticker thingy that makes hair clips non-slip. Before I discovered it, I had been using hot glue, smooshing it around with a craft stick to rough it up a bit, and holding it open until it completely dried. It worked, but it wasn't pretty. And it was a bit of a time suck. And if I'd let the clip close before it was completely dried....well, after a lot of very not-nice words, I'd have to bust out the craft knife to cut it apart. Not anymore!

 Now I can avoid all of that by just peeling off one of these little guys and sticking it in place.

One package treats 26 hair clips.

The sticker needs to be in place at least two hours before using it. That's really not a problem for me.

It's such a tiny thing but makes a big impact.

I haven't seen GripZies in stores, but ordered mine from The Ribbon Retreat. My daughter Zara has such fine silky hair that clips really do have to have some sort of non-slip treatment to stay in her hair. This clip, and a few others that I had made her, stayed put throughout the day. I only had to redo her hair after she had messed it up with her tiaras and hats and bunny ears and whatever else she decides to stick on her head. (The kid really loves dress up.)

To make the hair clip above, visit my Super Simple Four Loop Hair Bow tutorial.


  1. I love this,, its such a miracle how such little things do so much,, thanks for sharing,this,,

  2. Nice review. That's a great idea, especially for baby's hair. It's so fine, I could never get a bow to stay in my daughters hair.


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