Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeover Monday: Adding Flowers to a Plain Bag

The flowers add a bit of personality to an otherwise boring bag.

My fabulous Aunt Lizetta gave me this bag because, well, she was over it. It wasn't exactly my style, but now it is. I spent some time on Mother's Day making rosettes while watching a couple of films (My Life in Ruins and It's Complicated, if you're interested) and enjoyed my awesome day. My husband Seán took our daughter Zara to Mass and went shopping for my super-special dinner. They made stir-fry and black rice with a Dairy Queen cake for dessert. Told you it was awesome.

 To learn how to make these rosettes, check out Jones Design Company's post called rolled fabric flowers. It's a great tutorial with easy to follow instructions and plenty of photos. There's also a lot of great ideas on how to use the rolled flowers.

The size of the rosette depends on the size of the fabric strip used.

Figure out the placement of the flowers before gluing them down. This project used a ton (maybe a ton and a half) of glue sticks. You could sew all of these, but there was no way I was going to.

Figure out the placement of the flowers and then glue them down. So easy!

The only reason I'm not counting this as Super Simple is that the flowers do take some time to make. They're easy, but time-consuming. I think they're adorable and totally worth the effort. A quiet day of crafting + My family making me dinner + A nap (yeah, I took a nap) = A fabulous Mother's Day!

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