Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Map to the Beach Ring

Holden Beach - the happiest place on Earth!

You Are Here. Well, not here, exactly. That would be weird. You Are Here is Iron Craft's twenty-third challenge. We're supposed to incorporate a map into this week's creation. I made a map to the beach ring. More specifically, a map to  Holden Beach, NC. My family goes every year and it's my favorite place on the planet. I even bought the t-shirt.

  • Bezel ring base
  • White spray paint
  • Map
  • Mod Podge
  • Elmer's Glue-All
  • Sand
  • Seashell
  • Epoxy resin
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Box
  • Disposable cups
  • Craft stick
I spray painted the ring base. I really wish I had a spray sealer, but I didn't. I'll probably go back and do that step later.

Spray paint the ring. Or don't. I did.

While the ring was drying, I used the little circle on the package as a template to cut out the circle on the map.

Cut out the appropriate part of the map.

I sealed both sides of the map with Mod Podge.

Seal the map on both sides.

I cut a hole in the bottom of a Styrofoam box to hold the ring level. Any box would do. It just really needs to stay level until the resin (more on that later) cures. I glued the map down to the bottom of the ring. This is important so it won't float in the resin.

Glue the map to the bottom of the ring.

 There's no real need to let that dry. I just went on to the next step.

The filler.

I leaned the box a bit on its side and then added glue to the bottom. I poured a bit of sand (from Holden Beach, naturally) into it and tapped out the excess. Then I did it all over again to build it up. When I was satisfied with the amount of sand, I added in a tiny seashell with a bit more glue.

Lean the box so the glue will pool instead of spreading out.

I did let that part dry a bit and then I mixed my resin. Follow the directions on the box.

Fun with resin. Ignore the mess. I had a few projects going at one time.

I carefully poured in the resin, making sure there were no air bubbles.  And since I have three cats, I placed a paper cup over the ring so there would be no way to get cat hair in it.

Keeps cat hair and dust away.

I let it sit for two days before I touched it to photograph it, but will give it another day or so before wearing it for real.


Finished from the side!

Finished and on my finger!

The previous ring I did using a bezel ring base (Murder on the Dancefloor Ring) had Mod Podge Dimensional Magic instead of resin and it got cloudy after a few wearings. I think that the resin will do much better and I'm already planning on tracking down another skull so I can recreate my Murder ring.

And if you're wondering why I'm so obsessed with Holden Beach, check it out for yourself. It's beautiful, clean, low-key, quiet but close enough to tourist attractions that there's tons to do, the food's awesome...need I go on?


  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  2. I like your Holden Beach map and am looking for that very same one to make this for my sister. Do you mind sharing where you found it? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I cut it from an old atlas.


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