Friday, April 8, 2011

My Week in Photos

My family...and me?!?

Last weekend my family and I packed up and headed to Cincinnati, OH. We tend to go there fairly often. There's tons of stuff to do. One of our favorite things is the zoo and we actually managed to make it there twice on this trip. When Zara saw the photo above, I asked her who was in it. Her reply? "Mommy, Daddy, and Zara!" Umm...yeah.... Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos of the past week. Hope you enjoy!

Just kicked back and chillin'.

I love this photo of a cheetah.

Lip-Licking Lion (Probably not his official name.)

The peacocks run free at the zoo. So pretty!

A snoozing flamingo.

I played around with my camera's settings and took some pretty cool photos of the city at night.

Cincinnati as seen from Covington, KY

Same view, different setting.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights through a rainy windshield.

Spring has sprung at my house. Finally! We were expecting a big storm, so I headed out to take pictures of the flowers before the rain and wind got to them. Here's a few of my absolute faves.

We had a wild plum tree to come up in our yard a couple of years ago. Yay!

Plum tree branches against a stormy sky. Oooh! Ominous!

Closeup of a peach blossom.

Dunno what these are but we have tons of them. In my mind I call them grape flowers.


 Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all the pics. My favorite is the lion pic. By the way, love your expression in the first photo. You look quite happy and relaxed.

  2. Any particular recommendations (i.e. hotel, attractions) ... the hubs & I need to learn to take advantage of not so faraway places since we seldom have the time to make it to the faraway spots! We used to go to Columbus a lot when the boys were little & his mom lives there so it was like killing 2 birds with one stone (visit grandman & take it some culture!) COSI was a fave. Ever been there?

  3. lol Thanks, Holly!

    Kimberly, this time we stayed at the Radisson in Covington, Ky, which is just across the bridge from Cincy. We've stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Cincy. Love that because it's attached to the mall, but there is a charge for parking. We loved the Hyatt Place in Mason. It's just outside of town. We always do the zoo and we love Newport on the Levy. It's like a beefed-up Pullman Square with an aquarium. We like walking around MainStrasse Village in Covington. It's an old German town. We always go to Jungle Jim's to grocery shop before coming home. It's an international store and it's huge. It's also a bit of a drive out of town, about twenty minutes or so. I love it so much. We make sure to eat at Skyline chili at least once. I also went to Loving Hut twice. It's a vegan restaurant with amazing food and great prices. I was in COSI once on a field trip in high school and loved it. We've been talking about going back sometime soon. I think Zara would like it. :-)

  4. I just found you and like some of the ideas... may have to "borrow" a couple. we have some family in cinci but havent been there in ages
    oh and those little flowers are grape hyacynth(??? spelling) and we have tons in our yard too. ours all came from about 6 that i planted many years ago near a tree

  5. Brenda, that makes a lot of sense. They look just like little bunches of grapes. Thanks for that tidbit. They started out as one plant that just randomly popped up five years ago and now they're all over the yard. Good thing they're cute! lol


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