Wednesday, September 9, 2015

More Mascaras

Hi, all!
I have a weird thing with mascaras. I keep trying to find the perfect one. At any given point, I have at least three open at once so I can layer them up as needed. I posted previously about six other ones. Well, here's five more in no particular order.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara($2.99) - This is one seriously good mascara (and it's cheap!!!). It volumizes like crazy. This gets recommended by so many YouTubers and bloggers, that I had to try it and I'm so glad I did. One drawback is its tendency to clump if you're not careful. A good eyelash comb can take care of that. I found this one at Walgreens, but I've also seen it at K-mart. If you don't have either of those near you, click the link above to take you to their online store.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara - ($4.99) - This one is also soooo cheap, but soooo good! I'm not going to lie. I bought this because of the adorable packaging. #noshame But, also no lie, this is my new favorite mascara. I plan on picking up another tube the next time I'm in Ulta. It gives good volume, but with less clumps. Sometimes I still have to use an eyelash comb, but it's not that often. The brush is shaped differently from anything else I've tried. The bristles on one side of the brush is shorter than the other. I apply this like normal from the front and then I put the brush behind my lashes and use a flicking motion to curl my lashes backwards. I then use the short side for my lower lashes.The bristles do an awesome job of grasping my lashes, curling them, and placing product on my lashes all the way to the tips. I love my dramatic lashes and this gives me drama. Also, the packaging is adorable. Did I say that already?

bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara in Black - ($18.00) - You may have noticed, but I don't often (or ever, really) get full sizes of high end mascaras. I have a problem paying that much for something I'll have to toss in just three months. I'm cheap like that. However, I'm tempted to pick up a full size of this one. "Flawless Definition" is a perfect name for this mascara. Each and every lash is perfectly defined from base to tip. Gorgeous!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Voluptuous Volume Mascara - ($23.00) - This one is pretty good. I'm on my second (sample sized) tube of it. It has an hourglass shaped brush that makes my lashes flare out. My one serious gripe about this mascara (besides the name) is that I have to let this one dry out a bit. When I first use it, I'm never that impressed. I'll layer other mascaras with it. However, after giving it a week or so, it's pretty great.

Wet n Wild MegaProtein Mascara in Very Black - ($2.29) - Yeah, this one's a bummer. I tried hard with this. I love the Wet n Wild brand, but it can be hit or miss. This one missed huge for me. I could not get this to leave any product of the tips of my lashes, so, in short, this made my lashes look so stumpy. So. Very. Stumpy.

What mascaras are you raving over right now? And, more importantly, which ones should I avoid like the plague?


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