Friday, November 6, 2015

Crocheted Bangles

Hey, all!

I suppose I could save this post for Monday and revive my old "Makeover Monday" series, but meh. Yesterday I saw a video that showed how to cover bangles with old sweaters. It's prettier than that sounds, I promise. I was inspired to try to cover a couple of old bangles with crochet. And guess what? It worked!

I picked these beauties up for about 25¢ each at a yard sale. And then I may have worn them once. Turns out I'm not an 80's plastic bracelet kind of girl. Who knew? I should have known, to be honest. If you're not a yard sale shopper, craft shops have blanks in many different sizes.

I had bits of yarn left over from previous projects, so this didn't cost me anything. Yay for free(ish) projects!  I did the blue one using a Double Stitch. The rainbow one was done using a Half Double Stitch. When beginning the bangle, leave a tail of a few inches. When you've filled up the whole bracelet with as many stitches as you can fit in, tie the last stitch off and then connect it to the beginning by tying the tails together. Both bracelets took me about 20 minutes total, which qualifies this project as Super Simple. Here's a tip for you: yarn is bulky, so make sure your bracelet will still fit over your hand with the added mass. I didn't think of that until after, but they still fit. Yay, again!

I love how the yarn isn't really attached to the bracelet. The pattern is constantly changing as the yarn slips around the bangle, which makes it a bit more fun.


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