Friday, October 30, 2015

Poet Dog Sweater

Hi, all!

My last post on how I'm hooked on crochet right now hinted about this post. I felt this little guy deserved his very own post. I mean, look at that face, amiright? Chauncey is starting to feel the chill in the air and spends so much of his time cuddled up under blankets. He makes a nest. Seriously. I keep trying to film him, but he gets camera shy. I had a lot of yarn left over after making my husband's hat, so I thought I'd try a sweater.

This pattern is The Poet Dog Sweater from Lion Brand Yarns. I always thought Chauncey seems very philosophical, so I figured this pattern was made just for him. The pattern is free, but you need to sign in (also free) to get to it. I made one major mistake on this sweater and a few little ones. First, I assumed my little guy is a small, so I didn't bother measuring. Yeah...he's a medium/large. What?!?! I had the pieces finished when I figured that out. Instead of starting over, I added panels to the underside's rib area and the neck area.

Secondly, the alternating BPDC (back post double crochet) and FPDC (front post double crochet) on the neck tripped me up. How am I supposed to remember what I just did? I can't. It's a problem. I got the hang of it on the third row of the neck trim. I didn't care enough to go back and re-do the first two rows. For the leg trim, I picked FPDC and just stuck with it.

Berkeley kept photobombing the photo shoot. And then she let me know exactly what she thought about the sweater.

Berkeley is always honest about her feelings.

I'm thinking about adding a Superman emblem to the back because the sweater looks like a cape. If I do, I'll share the pics. This sweater was so easy to throw together (once I figured out my mistakes) that Chauncey might end up with a whole wardrobe of them.


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