Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transformation Glam with IAmGlamm

Hi, all!
I have a brand new subscription service to review today. IAmGlamm.com contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in checking out their new service. Of course I said yes. I am a beauty product addict. You've probably guessed that by now.

Let's get started with October's bag. This month's theme is "Transformation Glam", which would definitely explain a few of the items I received. (I'm looking at you, black lace mask!)

First off, the presentation is so stinkin' cute!

The mailer is black and then when I opened it, the whole package was secured with some adorable hot pink fringe and tissue paper. You all know I'm a craft hoarder, so of course I saved the fringe for a future project.

It comes with an info card...

...and a contents list. I felt everything was securely wrapped.

In no particular order let's see what I got and what I thought.

1. Hard Candy Crushed Chromes Nail Polish in Crush On Raisin - Makeup companies, can we get real for a minute? What's up with the names? This is clearly a coppery pink, not a raisin. Okay, rant over. Weird name aside, this is a gorgeous nail polish. I love Hard Candy in general and when they re-released Sky, I tracked it down. This particular polish gives great coverage in one coat and dries quickly. If you want it to last, use a base coat and a top coat. Otherwise, it'll start wearing down at the tips. Hard Candy is a cruelty free company and can be found at Walmart.
(Value $4.00)

2. Aimo Eyelashes - The next thing in my bag was this lovely pair of eyelashes. I had never heard of this brand before and had some trouble tracking them down. The link was for a set that is close to this one, but since no model numbers are given, I couldn't track down the exact set. This set flares out at the end, giving me some serious Disney Princess eyes. That's my favorite style to wear. They looked pretty natural on. The band was a bit stiff, but not totally uncomfortable. I'd definitely wear them again.
(Value $6.00)

3. Bottom Eyelashes - I've never tried bottom eyelashes before, so I was pretty excited to get these. These lashes are hand-knotted on a clear base. They went on pretty easily. It's definitely a bolder look than I go for, however these would be perfect for dressing up. Halloween is coming soon. I might wear these then.
(Full size $2.47. Sample size $0.25)

4. Black Lace Mask - My daughter has no idea I have this. I'm pretty sure she'll confiscate it the second she finds out. This mask is beautiful and comfortable. The laces are stretchy, so they'll fit pretty much everyone. I wish I had somewhere to wear this to. Somebody throw a masquerade party and invite me, m'kay?
(Value $3.99)

5. Klear Action Nails AR New Nail Polish Repair - This is a pretty neat idea. Basically, if you have a chip or smudge in your nail polish, this will fix it. You dot the product over the area that needs repaired and then you brush it over until the problem is gone. I tried it on the chipped polish on my toes (There's no pictures of that. You're welcome!) and it seemed to be working. I feel this would be best for small chips in nail polish that's not too dark. I want to play with this a bit more to see how it works in different circumstances.
(Value $3.55)  

The grand total for the value of this bag is $17.79. The subscription is $8.99 per month and they do have a rewards program. IAmGlamm.com ships to U.S. and Canada.

Much thanks to IAmGlamm.com for the opportunity to try out their subscription service.


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