Monday, March 9, 2015

Snowy Day Crafting: Pillow Cases and Embellished Slippers

Hi, all!
We have had some seriously gross weather here in West Virginia. There's been snow, ice, floods, and sleet. That means I don't leave my house for long stretches of time. Loooooong stretches of time. So that leaves time for crafting...and cleaning. But mostly crafting.

The throw pillows on my sofa were sad, sad ratty things, so I decided to conquer my fear of my sewing machine. I'm convinced it wants to eat my fingers. I dragged the horrid thing out of the laundry room, set it up, cut out my fabric, sat down to start, and...nothing. Literally nothing. I could hear the motor trying to go, but it wouldn't move. Fan-freakin'-tastic! So these pillow cases are hand sewn. I just did a basic envelope case. The fabric is a remnant from Ikea, which coordinates fabulously with my EIVOR curtains, also from Ikea. Maybe next time I'm at Ikea I should pick up a new sewing machine. Mine resents me.

While I had my sewing kit out, I decided to trick out my Ikea slippers. This post is not sponsored by Ikea, I swear. We just shop there a lot. lol

I had these old slippers I was hanging onto just because the doggies on them are adorable. They never really fit me. I bought them in Ireland and I'm never really certain about my shoe size there. Well, these were soooooo big on me I'd have to shuffle to walk. Nevertheless, I wore them so much I wore literal holes in them. They were falling apart... I helped them along by cutting them to pieces.

I used a contrasting thread to patch them onto my plain purple slippers. I also placed them randomly just for a bit of weirdness.

Look at those faces! Just look at them!

I have a post coming up dedicated to crocheting. I just finished up my scarf and this week will be in the mid 60's. Worst timing ever.

What do you do to pass the time when you can't get out?


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