Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March ipsy bag: Floral Fantasy

Hey, all!
I'm back with another ipsy bag! I really do get so excited over these bags! This month's theme is Floral Fantasy and is pretty darn good. There were no real flops this time, so in no particular order, here we go...

1. MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in Lucky Penny - I had never heard of this brand before, which is awesome.The whole point of ipsy is to try new things. First of all, I love that the jar has a sifter. It's much less messy that way. Secondly, when I swatched it...

...yasss!!! My heart may have skipped a beat or two. Look at that color pay-off! It's a fabulous copper that's not "new penny copper", it's more of a rich copper with teensy bits of glitter. It is supposed to be used either wet or dry. I used it dry and the color is amazing and blended out beautifully.
(Value $22.50)

2. NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Little Susie - Anyone who knows me well, knows of my love for NYX and especially NYX's lip products. This butter lipstick fits in nicely with my collection. It's hydrating and slightly sheer. The color is lovely and perfect for spring.

The staying power is about what you'd expect. It doesn't claim to be long-wearing or staining, so be prepared to reapply after eating. It does claim to be full coverage with high impact color. Nah. But it's beautiful just the same. I'll definitely be wearing this one a lot.
(Value $6)

3. Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter - This is another brand that's totally new to me. To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this highlighter. (Geddit? I crack me up.) I have very pale skin and thought this would be too dark. I was so wrong.

I used this highlighter in my waterline, to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, under my brows to carve them out a bit more, down the bridge of my nose, and on my cupid's bow. I use the word "gorgeous" a lot. This one is gorgeous. It's so creamy and blends out so well. Four hours later and it's still in my waterline. This is giving my beloved NYX WonderPencil some competition. The website says it's formulated for light skin tones, but I think medium skin tones could make this work. It's a bit strange that they only have the one shade.
(Value $18)

4. Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil - This is a direct quote from the website:
Soy Renewal Crème Oil is a blow dry crème that speeds up drying time while protecting hair against mechanical damage from heat styling & harmful UV rays from the sun. Its lightweight formula softens, moisturizes and conditions the hair creating shine, luminosity and the appearance of healthy hair.
Okay, I dunno about speeding up drying time, but it did leave my hair softer and it smells like a nice salon.
(Full size $22.95. Sample size $5.46)

5. Dr. Brandt Skincare pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion - While I wouldn't exactly call this one a dud, it was my least favorite this month. It might do exactly as it says, but I can't try it long enough to tell if it's anti-aging and since it's still winter my skin is dry/normal combo. I have no idea if it's mattifying. It is a lotion. That I can give it. It feels like a heavy primer on my skin. I used it under my foundation this morning and can still feel it's there. The website claims it's lightweight. Nope. It is not. It's supposed to minimize pores. I didn't notice any difference. I do notice that my makeup seems a bit cakier where I applied this lotion. I think I'll save it for summer when I tend to get a bit oilier and see if I like it better then. It's not that I hate it. Not at all. I just prefer something lighter under my makeup.
(Full size $60. Sample Size $9.18)

The bag - The bag this month is adorable. I love the retro floral print. The back of it and the lining is plain blue. It's just cute. That is all.

The grand total for this month's ipsy bag is a whopping $61.14! (Plus the free bag. Can't forget that!) Overall, I'm so happy with this month. If you're interested in subscribing, click my referral link which will give me points or head over to ipsy.com if you would prefer not to use my link. Either way, it's a great service. It's $10/month and customizable. And So. Much. Fun!

If you already subscribe, what did you get? I'm curious (and slightly obsessed!)


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