Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Learning to Crochet

I Love This Yarn! in Lavender Smoke

Hi, all!
So, can you guess my newest hobby? (Here's a hint: it's in the title!) I'm crocheting now. And I'm terrible at it! But it's fun, so who cares? That purple scarf was finished Sunday. This week's temperatures will be in the mid 60's. Excellent timing.

Yarn Bee Soft Illusion Super Bulky in LA Cool!

This was the second scarf I did. It's so bright you can practically see it in the dark! Zara picked out the yarn, so she loves it. I tried to each her to crochet, but that didn't go so well. I made one end twice the width of the other end. It folds and adds volume. It was also entirely by accident, but I love the effect and didn't bother to change it.

Yarn Bee Soft Illusion Super Bulky in LA Cool! This scarf took 2 skeins.

 And now we're down to my first scarf. It's...interesting. Zara won't let me re-do it.

Red Heart Boutique Twilight in Pixie

I completely unintentionally did decreases and then I intentionally did increases to make this butterfly style cowl scarf. I really don't know what I'm doing.

Red Heart Boutique Twilight in Pixie

To find people who do know what they're doing, check the links below:
Crocheting School - An ebook of everything you need to know.
Hopeful Honey - Videos for beginners. - Learn different stitches.
Maybe Matilda - Easy step-by-step photos of slipknots, the chain stitch, and single stitch.

I think I'll move on to making terrible hats next.

Have you tried crocheting? How about knitting? I bought some needles and am thinking hard about trying it. (Leave it to me to buy supplies for something I'm not sure about doing!)


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