Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Office Artwork

Whoooo are you looking at?

Hey, all!
It kind of just occurred to me today that I haven't shared the artwork I have in my office. If you watched the video of my office tour, you saw the first two briefly. My office has all white walls so I needed some color in here. Quickly.

A collaboration with my favorite artist, Zara.

Zara and I had a lot of fun doing this ghostly sunset together. I'm pretty sure there's a half inch of paint on there.

 This lovely lady lives on my desk as a coaster. I wanted it to say something, but could literally think of nothing. So "Umm...?" fits. As it does most days.

I mustache you a question.

No! My lips are sealed!


I call this my Victor/Victoria mug. Because reasons that should be readily apparent.

Zara's scratch art.

Not all artwork in my office is my own. This piece is by Zara. It's her rendering of our wedding. She's become fascinated by the photos of the wedding.

I'm a little teapot...

I really love that kid's crafty side.

Gallery wall

Zara and my niece tend to add to the wall from time to time. I've had to limit them to the side of my printer cart.

What do you do to add pops of color to your workspace?


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