Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Pop-Up Card

Of course there's someone I love more than cupcakes!

Pop-up cards are a lot of fun. For me, anyway. Iron Craft's first challenge of the year, Paper, is because this is also Iron Craft's first anniversary. (By the way, happy anniversary!!!) For the first challenge of the year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little. For the first time ever, I embossed. With embossing powder. And a heat tool. Yeah...I'm a bit behind of the crafting curve...by a good fifteen years or so.

Had a lot of fun stamping!

This is a tri-fold pop-up card. I really had no idea what I was going to do when I started out. I just stamped a bunch of images on pink card stock and then embossed them. As you can probably tell, I started out with the XOXO. Yeah...that didn't go so well.

Rookie error: Scorched!

I cut out all of the images (except for the crispy-fried XOXO), I drew a cloud shape with white card stock using art markers, cut that out, and glued some of my images on it using a glue stick. I took a rectangle of scrap paper and made it into a box shape and glued it to the back of the cloud and to the inside of the card at the bottom fold.

I then stamped the text, drew clouds around that, and cut that out. More glue stick. I always end my messages to my husband with an XOXO, and since the other one burned, I just stamped it to the inside of the card.

Sealed with a heart sunburst thingy...

The decor on the outside is simple. I used an extra stamped image for a seal and made a faux stamp for the front. I also used a black marker to go around the outside edges of all of the stamped images and to add some extra details. 

Since my Valentine lives with me and this isn't being mailed, I made a cute "stamp".

And that's about it!


  1. You are so talented & crafty! I loved it! Good job & thanks for sharing :)

  2. awww hearts and cupcakes
    its endeed a Valentines card!
    i love it!


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