Thursday, January 5, 2012

Multi Chain Necklace

Much love for this one!

I'm not going to lie...I had a really hard time letting this one go. If it hadn't been so close to the Christmas party, I would have kept this necklace and made something else for Zara's teacher's assistant. As it is, I'm going to have to stock up on more chain and make one for myself.

  • Chain (Lots of it and I used three different styles)
  • Toggle clasp
  • Jump rings (4)
  • Pliers
I hate to measure, so....I didn't. I just figure out where I wanted the multi-strand part, cut five pieces of chain the same size (approximately 9"), and connected them with jump rings. Be careful to put them in the same order on both jump rings, or they'll be tangled. Maybe you like that and that's a design feature for you. That's cool, too.

Using a different style of chain, I cut a piece of chain roughly 18". I attached one side to the multi-strand element and the other side to the cross piece of the toggle clasp. The ring part of the toggle was attached to the other end of the multi-strand element.

Chain tassels are cool.

I then made a tassel with five pieces of different styles of chain and attached it to the ring part of the toggle clasp with a jump ring. 

Dear multi chain necklace, I miss you! Love, Tabitha


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