Friday, December 3, 2010

Last Christmas I Gave You My...Salt Dough Ornament?!

A few of my salt dough ornaments.

If I'm to be perfectly honest, Christmas is barely on my radar this year. I had had big plans to make all the ornaments, to make my own gingerbread house, to make endless amounts of cookies, but I lack the motivation. I have a few more weeks until Christmas, so I might get into the spirit before then. I'm not holding my breath.

Last year, I was way more into it and made copious amount of salt dough ornaments. There was a veritable forest of trees, a galaxy of stars, a garden of flowers, and Charlie Brown's shirt on a bell shape. What's Christmas without Charlie Brown?

Same ornaments. Different angle.

After Christmas is a great time to find all sorts of things on clearance. Seán picked up a ton of miniature ornaments for practically nothing. The gold ones went on Zara's tree in her room (Note to Self: Get photos of Zara's tree. It's adorable.) and we were left with the red, blue, and green ones. What to do? Scrape the labels off old jar candles and stuff them in!

Stickers cover up the candle's manufacturer label.

More stickers. More ornaments.

Our house, unfortunately, does not have a chimney for Santa. I made life a little easier for Santa by making him his own magic key. I used a key from a car dealership's promotional flyer, but you can use any old key. I decorated it, attached a salt dough key fob, and hooked it all together with a tassel. The magic part is that it only works for Santa Claus. It hangs on our tree until Christmas Eve and then it's put outside where Santa will be sure to find it.

Santa's Magic Key

I'm craving gingerbread people and egg nog now. Awesome.


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