Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Super Simple Wreath Napkin Rings

These wreath napkin rings would make great favors for your holiday party.

So now that you have a stack of No-Sew Napkins just in time for the holidays, you need a bunch of Super Simple Wreath Napkin Rings to go along with them. Well, that was my thought process for this week's Iron Craft Wreath challenge.

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Preschooler (optional)
Start by cutting three 14" pieces of ribbon. For this one, I used two pieces of green and one red to look like a wreath with berries. Tie a knot at one end, leaving a couple of inches.

Step 1 - Cut ribbon & tie a knot.

Then grab your preschooler (if you have one that's willing to help out) and have her hold the knotted end (thanks a bunch, Zara!). If you don't have one, you can pin or tape down the knotted end. Braid the ribbons until you have a couple of inches left at the bottom and then tie a knot.

Step 2 - Braid & knot the ribbon.

Cut a 10" piece of ribbon and tie a bow. Glue the knots of the braid together, creating a circle. Glue the bow directly on top of the knots. Trim the ends.

Step 3 - Tie a bow & glue it all together.

And that's it! All finished and ready for the dinner table.

Great on the table...

These also make terrific ornaments. 

...or on the tree.

If you're not into the whole Christmas scheme, I think these would be adorable in any color. A set of these would also make a great gift along with the No-Sew Napkins.

By the way, can you tell I'm in love with Instagram? It makes all photos look genius.

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