Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Simple Button Earrings

Super Simple super cute button earrings

For a while now (okay, two months or so) I've wanted to join Iron Craft, but, lacked time and motivation. The stars must have aligned for me this week because I was finally able to get it together enough to do this week's challenge, which was Midas Touch. It was about all things gold. Luckily, I already had this project in mind.

The ingredients.

  • Post earring backs
  • Matching buttons with shanks
  • E6000 or your favorite strong glue
  • Pliers & knife or button shank remover tool
Start by removing the shanks of the buttons. The shanks are the loops on the back that hold the buttons to fabric. There is a button shank remover tool, but I don't have one. I'm putting it on my shopping list. Instead, I used a pair of pliers and a serrated knife. I only cut myself once. Yeah, I'm getting that tool very soon. Sometimes I feel like I should rename this blog "Craft As I Say & Not As I Do".

So many tools and not the one I actually needed.

Then glue the posts to the back of the buttons.

The backs. I used tons of glue. Probably too much.

 Let them dry. Finished! Told you they were Super Simple.

I think the flower ones are my favorites.

These are the gold ones for the Iron Craft challenge.

I also did a ring for the challenge. Turns out I was very inspired by gold. Check back for that tutorial.


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