Friday, December 9, 2011

Super Simple Art Fix


For the past six years I've had a problem. A massive, ugly problem. A hideous, embarrassing problem that has cause me much stress and has made me think hard for a solution. Wanna know what the problem was?

 There was a seriously unsightly fuse box in my living room. Right behind my TV. Where it was plainly visible. At all times. Yeah, it was bad.

Told you it was ugly!

I had considered many things including a custom-built cabinet to go over it. Dunno how much that would have cost, but I bet it would have been more than the five bucks I ended up spending to hide it.

I've had an economy pack of two canvases around for a while. I got them on sale for half off, so only paid five dollars for them. Thank you, Michaels! I whipped out my markers, made some swirls, hung them up with thumbtacks, and was bragging about it to my husband a grand total of five minutes later.

A closeup detail.

I knew I wanted both canvases to be one cohesive piece, so I laid them down end-to-end and free-handed the swirls in black marker over both. I then used a red marker to make large dots in the centers of the swirls. I then used a pink marker around the red to make the dots look like they were kind of glowing.

Five minutes + Five dollars = End of a six year old headache.

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