Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beaded Chain Rings

Cute and easy!

I was reading a great blog the other day called Michon, which is written by a talented lady named Leah. She had a post called Chain Rings (check out the super cool one with the large circle ring) that reminded me that I made a couple of them a while back. It was before I even had a blog, so I don't have any progress photos, but these are Super Simple and easy to figure out without all of the pictures.

The beauty of these rings is that you can use up odds and ends of chains and beads that you have leftover from other projects.

  • Chain
  • Eye pin
  • Beads
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
Feed a few beads onto an eye pin, trim the pin, create the second eye with pliers. Bend the pin slightly to conform to the top of your finger. Attach a bit of chain to the eyes to create your ring. I hate measuring, so what I did was attach one side of the chain and then wrapped the beaded pin and chain around my finger to figure out where to attach the second side before trimming off the excess chain.

Great worn separately...


... or stacked together.

I designed these to be stacked, but they're also cute worn alone. Chain rings are unbelievably comfortable to wear and so easy to make.



  1. Very cute! I'll take one in green please.

  2. I love your beaded version - and thanks so much for linking over to my chain rings!

  3. Love the cuteness and simpleness of them!


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