Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Short Rant On Why I Hate Summers

Z hanging out on the river bank. Photo by Sean O'Donoghue.

Hey, all!

Did you ever have one of those days when you rush around, get the kid dressed and waiting by the door when all of a sudden, she has to go change her clothes (three times), you have to mop the floor, a then you have to measure out more allergy medicine because the previous tablespoon ended up all over your kid and the floor? Yeah...

Reasons I Hate Summer (the season, not the cat)

1. My morning schedule is shot. There's no way we're getting anywhere on time. Ever. Definitely not in a good mood.

2. Sweat.

3. Bugs. We've been fighting infected bug bites on the kiddo. She swears she's not scratching them. I beg to differ.

4. Heat. (see also: Sweat). I can't handle heat. I get dizzy. I can't breathe. I sweat. Sometimes it even messes with my tummy. I'm not going into details. You're welcome.

5. Humidity. My hair does its best impression of Ronald McDonald during the summer. It's even less cute on me than it is on a creep clown.

6. Pools/Swimsuits. No. Just no.

7. Fewer clothes in general. So much upkeep! Constant pedicures, nearly daily leg shaving, faux never ends (until winter).

8. Breakouts. Even my skin hates summer. I can't find a sunscreen higher than SPF 15 that doesn't break me out, but 15 does nothing for the super pale. Nothing. It's fine if I'm just heading straight for the car, but if I have to spend any time at all outside...freckles and burning. Again, not cute. Or healthy. (Just to be clear, I wear sunscreen all year round, I just seem to spend more time outside in summer.) Also, my skin goes from dry/normal combo in the winter to oily/normal combo in the summer. That's fun.

Just to end this on a positive note, here's a few things I love about summer.

1. Food. Fried green tomatoes, ice cream, lemonade, grilled everything, all sorts of yumminess that for some reason tastes better in summer.

2. Longer days. The shorter days of winter makes me want to sleep constantly. I really do hibernate in the winter.

3. Sandals. They're just so cute and easy (even with the required pedicures).

4. Kids playing outside. Mine comes home after spending all day at her Mimi's exhausted, filthy, and happy. She loves running around the countryside barefoot.

What are some of your loves and hates for summer?

Have a fabulous day!

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