Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Infinity Scarves...Forever!

Zara's ecstatic over her new pink scarf.

I've developed an obsession with infinity scarves. Luckily, they're so easy to make they're Super Simple. Iron Craft's challenge is Warm Up, which, hello, is perfect for my new fixation.

 This is the particular scarf I made for this challenge. I put a bit more effort into this one than the other ones, and it still only took a few minutes. If you're interested in a tutorial, just let me know.

I'm just thankful that she likes to model, 'cause it's not fun taking pictures of myself.

Multi-strand infinity scarf.

I wear this one constantly. Also, bad lighting makes me look like an Oompa-Loompa.

The tutorial for the pink scarf and the blue scarf can be found on Madigan Made. It really could not possibly be easier. Basically, you cut the bottom off a t-shirt (or rip it, whatever), stretch it, and wear it. So simple it's genius! And it puts my t-shirt collection in serious jeopardy.


  1. Those are so popular right now. Your daughter is darling.

  2. Adorable! Your daughter is so cute and the scarves look great. (thanks for the link back, too!)


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