Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Hard Candy (& Cupcake) Christmas

Cupcakes everywhere!

Zara and I made these for Iron Craft's Handmade Holiday Challenge. They were so easy and we had so much fun making them. I'm doing a candy and cupcake theme on our Christmas tree this year. These are made out of scrapbook paper, a glue stick, and a marker for the wrapper details. The icing is glitter card stock.

The two in the lower left corner were done by Zara. I drew the shapes on card stock and let her color them in with markers and glitter glue. Everything was free-handed (as if you couldn't tell).

For extra stability, I cut two pieces at the same time and glued them back to back. When the tree goes up, I'll hang them with decorative hooks. They could also be hung with some pretty ribbon and would make super-cute gift tags.


  1. Adorable! I can't wait to see pics of your tree ... so 'tastefully' decorated! :)

  2. Aw, that's sweet. I wish I had all the ornaments that I made when I was a kid.


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