Monday, November 8, 2010

Procrastination, Guilt, and Too Much Sugah!!!

Today I have procrastinated writing much, much more than I have ever procrastinated before...if we don't count the fact that much of my house is still not painted... and we've lived here five years. Beyond that, this is the worst I've been.

In order to get out of writing my book for NaNoWriMo, I designed a cover for my book. Yeah, scroll back up and take a gander. Go on, I'll wait.

Good! You're back! I missed you.

Right after designing that, my computer's battery died. It's a MacBook, and if you know anything about Mac's chargers, you know they're hinky. We're on our fourth and it's misbehaving. If this one goes, Steve Jobs is going to get a strongly worded letter from me. Even though I had my computer plugged in all night on the charger, it was down to around 30% this morning. Excellent news.

So, my battery died and I couldn't write. Seriously. That's the truth.

Have you ever heard writing's hard? It is. I'd rather eat chocolate buttercream frosting left over from Halloween. So, that's what I did. There were only about two tablespoons left, but that's enough sugar to make me feel icky and guilty about all of those calories. How's a person supposed to write with an icky tummy?

I, once again, find my self blogging about not being able to write. I'm sure if I had a therapist, she'd have a field day with that one.

7,163 words down, 42,837 to go. According to NaNoWriMo's stats page, I'll finish sometime around December 26. I better get to work.

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